Medical implants and screws

Medical implants and Screws are important components that have many vital applications in orthopedic and trauma and spinal surgery. If you’re looking for a reliable provider of custom machining services for medical implants, consider working with Metal Craft & Riverside. We understand how critical it is to manufacture implants to our client’s exact specifications to ensure they function as intended when used for surgical procedures. Our medical parts manufacturing specialists are dedicated to machining precision medical implants and screws that are built right, every time.

Premium Machining for Medical implants and Screws

At Metal Craft and Riverside, our 40+ years of industry experience has helped us grow into a leading provider of custom machining for medical devices including Implants & screws. Our companies consistently provide high-precision manufacturing services for all types of medical devices, including spinal, trauma, extremities and orthopedic screws. Adhering to the highest standards of quality throughout our production process, we can produce both solid and cannulated implants and screws for these critical applications. Our capabilities allow us to manufacture cancellous, cortical, monoaxial and polyaxial screws from any material of your choice.


With top-level CNC machining technicians, our team can create flawless finished products with perfect precision. Our custom machining for medical screws allows us to take your design specifications and use them to mass-produce implantable components such as fixation nails & screws that exceed all safety and quality standards.

Your Trusted Partners for Machining Medical Implants With Precision

Delivering the best possible care to patients requires utilizing medical devices manufactured by custom machining specialists. Connect with Metal Craft and Riverside today if you’d like us to provide custom machining services for medical screws.


The highest-quality, highest-tolerance components,
are just a conversation away  from reality
The highest-quality, highest-tolerance components, are just a conversation away  from reality