Cannulated Surgical Instruments

Cannulated Surgical Instruments

Cannulated drills, taps & reamers are crucial surgical instruments that allow for precise tunnels to be drilled through bones during orthopedic procedures. Metal Craft & Riverside can provide custom machining services for cannulated cutting & multifunctional instruments. We know that it’s crucial for cannulated drills to be strong enough to drill through bone and sharp enough to allow for precise work that minimizes the risk of necrosis. Our medical instrument manufacturing technicians always go above and beyond to guarantee that our cannulated medical instruments are built right, every time.

High-Quality Machining for Cannulated Drills

Metal Craft and Riverside have worked hard for more than 40 years to develop our reputation as trusted providers of custom machining for medical instruments. We offer precise, high-quality manufacturing solutions for cannulated drills and all other cannulated medical instruments. During each stage of our production process, our staff takes special care to manufacture medical instruments to perfection, subjecting them to rigorous testing to ensure peak performance. We can manufacture cannulated drill bits, taps, reamers and drivers using premium materials.


Our custom CNC machining for cannulated instruments can create drills and other parts of any size and shape to allow for applications in diverse orthopedic procedures. Our companies can manufacture cannulated drills and medical instruments that seamlessly match the designs and specifications that you provide us, delivering a finished product that will complete its required procedure without error.

Experienced Cannulated Medical Instrument Machining Companies

Cannulated drills custom machined by medical instrument manufacturing specialists can streamline many surgical procedures. Reach out to Metal Craft and Riverside today if you need custom machining services for cannulated drills or other medical instruments.


The highest-quality, highest-tolerance components,
are just a conversation away  from reality
The highest-quality, highest-tolerance components, are just a conversation away  from reality