Surgical Rods & Nails

Surgical Rods & Nails

Intramedullary nails, and other similar surgical nails and rods, are a crucial part of various surgical procedures. At Metal Craft and Riverside, we offer custom machining services to create all surgical rods and nails. Our team knows that it is absolutely vital to produce intramedullary nails to our clients’ exact specifications to allow for successful surgical applications, which is why we pay careful attention to every detail of our work. You can rely on our manufacturing team to machine surgical nails and rods that are built right, every time.

Reliable Machining for Intramedullary Nails

At Metal Craft and Riverside, we have decades of industry experience with machining custom rods and nails for use in surgical procedures. Our companies strive to achieve the best results for our customers by providing flawless manufacturing services for intramedullary nails and other medical components. Throughout our production process, we closely adhere to all industry regulations and subject our products to any relevant tests so that we can guarantee their appropriate functionality in surgical applications.

By offering high-quality CNC machining for surgical nails and rods, our technicians can produce exceptional components at a reliable rate of production. For the duration of our custom machining process, we will work off of the design specifications provided by your organization to make sure that the intramedullary nails and other components we manufacture hold up to your high standards.

Industry-Leading Experts in Machining Surgical Rods & Nails

Working with surgical nails and rods manufactured using high-precision CNC machines will allow you to consistently perform successful surgical procedures. Speak with Metal Craft and Riverside today if you’re in need of custom machining services for surgical rods and nails.


The highest-quality, highest-tolerance components,
are just a conversation away  from reality
The highest-quality, highest-tolerance components, are just a conversation away  from reality